Terrorism and the most important precautions that people should take in case terrorist attacks were to occur in America.

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Terrorism is an evil act, which can cause fear, destruction, and even loss of human lives. People that are powerful, heartless, and uncaring use it in order to carry on an evil plan or purpose. Americans have been victims of it. We all remember the tragedy of WTC in September 11th, 2001. Since then, our country has been hit with additional threats, thus causing our authorities, the military and civilians to be on high alert. Taking precautions is very important, because anything disastrous could occur at any moment, and at any place. Three precautions that people need to take are always be informed with communication devices, choose a safe place to hide in case something were to happen, and prepare and stock the things that would be needed for survival.

Watching the news and reading the newspaper is a good way to be informed with what's going on. It is a must for every American.

The television news and newspaper informs people with the latest events that are happening in our country. That is their purpose; to notify people of what's happening, and at the same time warn them of any threats and danger. For example, when WTC tragedy occurred. The television news broadcasted the event to the whole nation. Everybody was informed immediately of the terrorist attacks, and also everybody was warned to watch out for additional attacks. The news is the best way of communicating to millions of people in a time of danger.

Choosing a safe place to take cover in a moment of danger is very important. In case something disastrous was to occur, a cover up place might be necessary in order to survive. Probably one of the best places to stay would be a basement. Basements that don't have windows and only one entrance...