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What is theme? Is it what makes you want to read a book or even write a story? Is it what drives you to argue with the author about their point of view? Theme is said to be the ideas or many ideas about life revealed through literary work. The theme expresses the author's opinion or raises a question about human nature or the meaning of human experience. In the story " Horses of the Night " written by Margaret Laurence a revelation of human nature is made, as well as a depiction of how a younger generation looks to the older generation, it's also a portrait of how those who work hard in life do not always accomplish what they had set forth to do or become what they want to be, instead their fate seems to be pre-determined.

Theme many times is a revelation of ones character or describes aspects in someone's nature.

In "Horses of the Night" Chris was bludgeoned by opinions and hurtful comments from his grandfather, but he never took notice of the comments or seemed not to. The boy was always open to the a better side of life, not the dark and gloomy sides it had, this made him set his mind on being successful in his in the future endeavors. Never did he fall to pieces or did he hold back with a strained forced of wanting to say something.. This showed great courage and character, he's cousin thought of him as "a respecter of persons." Many times criticism affects people in very negative ways with Chris his emotions were centered on others. Always kind and loving "he closed himself off from squabbling voices", "nobody noticed my squeamishness except for Chris ", he always had a portion of self-control. When life...