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Grand Canyon UniversityPsychology 324June 23, 2009AbstractThe association between phobic disorder and crippling anxiety is an established opinion in the psychological community. Methods of treatment for anxiety range from Benzodiazepines and anti-depressants to psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy. Medications mask the symptoms and slow brain activity to curb anxiety. Medications are temporary bandages on festering sores. Multiple phobic disorders dramatically increase anxiety. Only through a cognitive revelation, can one defeat the recurring effects of fear, based on an illogical premise.

The Plan for NanAccording to Merriam Webster, anxiety is a painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind usually over an impending or anticipated thing or situation that disturbs or afflicts. Anxiety is caused by mental conditions, physical conditions, drug interactions, or a combination of these. Anxiety is actually beneficial at times, although unpleasant. (Smith, M. 2008) It can serve as motivation to make good decisions, avoid danger, and can increase our focus.

Intense anxiety can interfere with living a normal life. It then becomes a disorder. When treating patients with anxiety, a therapist's initial task is to determine if anxiety is caused by mental conditions and execute an effective plan to eliminate them by using cognitive and behavioral therapy. Sound reasoning and the ability to make decisions that eliminate the stressful anxiety are essential to effective treatment.

Fear is a basic human instinct. (Michaels, A. 2007) A self defense mechanism keeps us away from danger. Fear is a good example of this mechanism. Phobias are excessive, irrational fears that are out of proportion to an actual danger that produce a conscious avoidance of the feared subject, activity, or situation. (Rathus, S., 1997) (Preda, A., 2008) Phobias fall into one of three categories, social phobias, specific phobias, and agoraphobia. Left untreated, they can seriously affect the lives of those suffering from phobias...