Things fall apart.

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In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo was indeed very much an individual, with a personality unlike most of his fellow Igbomen. The things that he said and the actions that he took in the situations that he encountered throughout his life played an important role in how things fell apart for him. Some people would describe Okonkwo as being extraordinary, strong, intelligent, motivated, and brave. Others might think he was cruel, unjust, irrational, and inhumane. From what I gathered from the book, Okonkwo demonstrated all of these traits, for better or for worse. In an attempt to analyze his personality, I have broken his main characteristics into three parts: his productiveness, his fear and wrath, and his traditionalism. With these three aspects of his personality, I have found several interesting factors that contributed to his success in early life, and how things fell apart for him in his last years.

Okonkwo was indeed very strong and was renowned as being the best wrestler in all of the nine villages. In his lifetime, he acquired two titles, three wives, and showed great bravery in two inter-tribal wars. In fact, he was the first man in his village to bring home an enemy's head. He was wealthy and had two big barns full of yams, which could easily provide for his three wives and many children. Although he inherited nothing from his lazy father, he was able to, even at a young age, begin to farm and provide for his mother and sister.

When he was starting out, there was a bad flood season and the rain wouldn't allow the yams to grow. It was such a disaster that some men even hanged themselves over their loss. Okonkwo managed somehow and he revealed an important part of his character to...