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'A Birthday' by Christina Rossetti is mainly portraying the theme of celebration to express her happiness when she meets the person that she truly loves. Also, she is totally against the challenges, which come from the utilitarian philosophy and new scientific, toward the church. These problems cause many to lose beliefs in religions at that time. Therefore, this poem includes a very in depth meaning about the poet's emotions and respect by mainly focusing on the positive imagery, the representation of nature, the symbolisms and the tone; these are ways, which Rossetti strikingly portrays theme of celebration.

The poet effectively portrays the theme of celebration by using the repetition of simile in the first stanza. The speaker comparing her 'heart is like a singing bird….an apple tree…a rainbow shell' illustrates that she is in love, pleased and happy. In addition, a 'singing bird' is a metaphor for transformation of seasons from winter to spring, which could also indicate Christian.

Possibly, this is a sign of being comfort and warmth as she has finally met the true love of her life. 'An apple tree' suggests how much she really loved her man, which it is similar toward how much love and respect, she gives toward her belief or religion. The reason for 'an apple tree' is that it is full of red apple, which red represents love. Therefore, it has refers back to the point how the speaker strikingly portrays the theme of celebration by simile.

Furthermore, Rossetti uses the symbolisms to portray the theme of celebration in the second stanza. 'Carve it in doves and pomegranates And peacocks' implies the new beginning of the speaker's life, which are full of hope, peace and happy. In addition the 'doves' represents the story of Noah, who released the doves in the...