The three best characters in lord of the flies, pride and predjudice and all quiet on the western front.

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Three Favorite Characters

Over the course of this summer, I have been assigned three books to read. All Quiet on the Western Front, Lord of the Flies, and Pride and Prejudice. Of these three novels, I have chosen one of my favorite characters from each to compare to one another and to myself. The first character I have chosen is Kat from All Quiet on the Western Front. The next character was from Lord of the Flies and this characters name was Piggy. Finally, my third character, from Pride and Prejudice, was Elizabeth.

After previously writing about each of my favorite characters from another part of this assignment, I found a certain quality that they all possessed. The quality that they all possessed I repeatedly stated was a quality that I admired only because I did not have it myself. This quality is confidence. Kat, Piggy, and Elizabeth all have a great sense of confidence within themselves and of other people.

Kat has confidence on the battlefield, Piggy has confidence to stand up to his enemies, and Elizabeth has confidence when stating her opinions. This characteristic is one I lack but admire others who have it. Confidence shows the strength of a person without any muscle. No matter how much you tear away at a person with confidence, they will always have that. It is an important aspect to people's lives.

One aspect that all of my favorite characters had was one that I did not particularly like. Along with confidence, these characters expressed a mild case of narrow-mindedness. Sometimes it seemed to me that they thought, they were right all of the time. They did not always take into consideration the ideas of others, which did not appeal very much to me. It did...