The Three Faces of Eve and dissociative identity disorder

Essay by rcheer8302 February 2004

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Although dissociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder) is extremely rare and difficult to diagnose, it seems to be awfully popular with numerous Hollywood interpretations. The Three Faces of Eve does a fairly admirable job of conveying the disorder even though information defining the illness was (and still is) limited at the time the movie was made.

Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane, all played by Joanne Woodward, had distinct personalities. Eve White was the quiet, submissive homemaker who loved her husband and adored her little girl. She had very little personality and was displayed as being in a depressed state. Eve Black, on the other hand, was Mrs. White's polar opposite. She was flirtatious, enjoyed an active night life, and despised Mrs. White's husband. Jane, who was not in the picture until the end of the conflict, was the perfect combination of the both of them.

She was kind-hearted and sweet. She cared for others while also caring for herself. Each character's distinct personality was portrayed adequately in the film.

Eve White's family life was portrayed very well and was very realistic according to her situation. It is not rare for a husband to leave his wife when she is diagnosed with a disorder, especially one like dissociative identity disorder. It would be hard to live with someone who claimed to be someone else at times and acted in a completely different manner than the person one married. It would also not be rare for someone with this disorder to have their children taken away from them, especially if possible harm of the child may come from the situation. Eve's personalities caused problems in her household and though many years passed by without action being taken, it got to the point where the situation could...