The Tiananmen Square Protest

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The slide that caught my eye, sparked my interest and curiosity was the Tiananmen Square protest. The slide I saw had a group of diverse people; workers, students, young and old preparing to stand up for their believes. People's beliefs and their human ability have no limits and this is what interests me the most. Sadly, not knowing anything about Chinese government and its history I read up and informed myself, this is what I found.

The Chinese government at the time of Tiananmen Square protest was a communist dictatorship that was beginning to adopt capitalist economics. The government ruled by fear. Many of their politicians were corrupt.

Hu Yaobang was general secretary in China until he "overstepped" his bounds and was forced to retire. Before his death, he was public about his opinion that China should be a democracy. When he died, thousands of people gathered to the streets of Beijing to show that they agreed and that they wanted China to be a democracy.

They began a protest to demand the rights they thought they and the people of China were entitled to. They demanded guarantees of human rights, mainly freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. The students said that a less corrupt government was necessary and that the civil war between mainland China and Taiwan must end. Revision of the constitution to remove everything that supported dictatorship by relying on the basis of class struggle was also a necessity. They also said that their leaders needed to be held accountable for their actions. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party were not happy at the thought of these changes because they eliminated most of their power and made them more vulnerable.

The first few days of the Tiananman Square protest had...