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Often, people ask, "What is Tibet" or "Why do you believe so strongly that Tibet should be free?" Here in the United States of America we enjoy the freedom to practice whatever religion we wish, the freedom to hit the streets and protest about things we don't agree with, and we have the freedom to discuss politics. However, Tibet does not have these freedoms and China's occupation of Tibet is not justified in any way. Some would say "Well that is just the way some countries work". However, in the case of Tibet, it is a direct result of the Chinese government depriving Tibetan people, human beings just likes us, of these freedoms.

The Chinese government has treated the Tibetan people with no respect what so ever, they have been raped, beaten tortured every day just for being Tibetan (Source 7). They are subject to racial prejudice and cultural assimilation for the Chinese population overflow.

Everyday they are blasted with Chinese propaganda by making them swear allegiance to the Chinese government against their will. Any person found with a Tibetan flag will be jailed, beaten and tortured for 7 years in jail just for displaying a flag of their former nation in their own home (Source 2). Monks and Nuns are brutally oppressed so that they can't even practice the religion that their nation was built upon. The ones that do are jailed, Monks who practice Tibetan Buddhism would be tortured and executed often in public while nuns would be jailed, raped then beaten.

The Chinese tried to justify their cruel and brutal treatment of Tibet by saying that China once owned and ruled Tibet as part of its long history, but genetics has proven that Tibet's are more closely related to Mongols who once conquered Tibet in the...