Time To Change

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The earth and many of its contents, thanks in large part to humans, is deteriorating and it has been for quite a time now. It is overwhelmingly populated with both ignorant and lazy people. In effect, not much is being done to prevent this deterioration. For instance, we are killing off vital animal populations every day. We have caused the extinction or endangerment of numerous species for absolutely no reason other than selfishness. An example is the poaching of elephants. We are killing these animals only for our own wealth. We take their ivory and leave them behind to die. As a result, they are on the verge of extinction. Also, pollution caused by humans and their inventions cause a major dilemma. Automobile exhaust fumes and factory pollutants are only a couple of the impurities causing damaging affects to the ozone layer and atmosphere. We depend on the ozone to defend us from harmful UV rays. Finally, we have a major impact on the degeneration of natural resources. Millions of gallons of oil, coal, and other valuable resources are wasted each day. These are just a few of the human disruptions to nature available to our knowledge. We are conscious of many more, and there are

probably others that we are not aware of. If we do not start taking

them seriously soon it will be too late, if it is not already. We need to

reevaluate our priorities and plan for the future existence of this


A group labeled the Earth-Firsters' often attempt to accomplish this task through drastic and sometimes dangerous methods. As Joni Seager states ( The Eco-Fringe: Deep Ecology, Pg. 636), 'In Australia, Earth-First protesters buried themselves up to their necks in the sand in the middle of logging roads to stop...