Title: Mans intellect vs mans unreasoning cardinality. Using the book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, this is a character analysis of piggy and how he relates to social allegories.

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Clayton M. Ferguson

March 1- 2003

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Character Analysis- Piggy

Have you ever wondered what true human nature is? Have you ever questioned your own nature as well as societies effect on it? To give an insight on these puzzlements, an accomplished author, William Golding wrote the novel entitled " Lord of the Flies." The novels much speculated theme is that mans true nature is inherently evil."(Golding 204) Within the novel, William golfing gives the character Piggy qualities of intellect, maturity, and a sense of just wisdom.

In the novel Golding describes Piggy as a very short and fat fair skinned boy who symbolizes a civilized societies intellect and technology. (Source card 6) Piggy displays his keen intellect when he suggest Ralph lead the tribe and use the conch to obtain authority. Piggy also displays his intellect when he states "I've been thinking we could build a sundial."(Novel

guide- character analysis, piggy) Through this statement, Piggy hopes to make a connection to the civilized adult world.

In addition to displaying a strong intellect, the character Piggy also displays a strong maturity. Piggy tries to bring order and control from the adult world to the scarred island when he periodically refers to his auntie. Another way Piggy tries to keep order is through the signal fire. Piggy's urge to return home to the civilized adult world causes Piggy to become virtually obsessed with the fire. Through this in this statement, "How can you expect to be rescued if you don't put first things first and act proper"(Golding 69), Piggy proves his maturity which separates him from the other children. The character Piggy further proves this when he reminds Ralph why the signal fire is important.

Not only does the character...