Title: A "Typical" Near Death Experience Topic: An example NDE and a discussion of facts about NDE's

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By Ed Riess

A "Typical" Near Death Experience

A foot of snow had fallen that day in Rochester New York. Bill had left the Kodak Park Research Labs early to take a Calculus test at the U of R Evening School. Traffic in snow was bad enough, but a clogged storm drain on Lake Avenue nearest the Kodak Hawkeye plant had left freezing slush in the intersection, and stopping for the light was impossible.

A salt truck was crossing. Unable even to steer, he solidly struck its exposed frame. He must have been thrown onto the truck, he thought, because he'd felt no impact and was looking down on the accident scene from the highest point on the raised truck bed. He felt different, though; detached, not caring that he'd just had an accident. What's more, he wasn't even cold, as he thought he'd feel, while outside of his car in the wet Rochester snow.

He felt his attention drawn to his white '63 Dodge Dart. A section of the truck bed frame had punctured the left side of the windshield and his left temple. The sight of the bleeding body didn't bother him; he felt warm, even completely calm.

Without knowing how, he knew that if no one touched the body he would be fine, drawn away to a familiar place. So, he would wait, and just watch. Only seconds had passed thus far, but he knew his wait would be short. The truck driver was the first of several people to reach his crumpled car, and he watched them, sensing their anxiety. The only emotion he was feeling was sorrow for everyone, whereas he, he somehow knew, was headed for a place of comfort.

It was like he was watching...