tomorrow when the war began/stereotyping

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Tomorrow when the war began/ stereotypes essay

By: Amani Mazloum

The popular Australian teen fiction novel 'Tomorrow when the war began' written by John Marsden, is about 7 ordinary teenagers which respond to a war. The book is split into two different sections. The first half is light-hearted and funny, as we get to introduced to the characters, Ellie, the brave and outgoing type of girl, who is willing to take challenges, her best friend that she can trust and always talk to, Corrie, Corrie's boyfriend, Kevin, Homer the wild man of the group, he is a rebel and tough guy that always breaks rules. Fiona (Fi) is a typical girly girl, princess type of person, she comes from a posh and rich type of family, Lee the quiet, shy and hardworking one, Robyn, the one with strong religious beliefs and later on we meet Chris, the highly intelligent one.

The second half of the book is when the gang returning home and sees what happens.

We are given a clear insight into the characters' lives, personalities and relationship between their characters. At the start of the book Homer was a wild, outgoing, trouble maker, smartarse, clown, up himself and the cool dude. An example from the text would be:

"Jesus Christ! There's a snake in my sleeping bag"

"I've got a radium heart. Takes 5 thousand years to melt down" (pg 43)

"Homer kept himself busy defacing the walls" (pg. 98)

But in the end, he became more responsible, trust worthy, inspirational, strategic, respectful, quick thinker, risk-taker, tough, in love, brave, smart and a leader. An example from the text would be:

"we've got to toughen up, and fast…. The biggest risk is to take no risk" (pg. 110)

"Homer was surprising with every move. It...