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INTRODUCTION: The story starts off as Andy goes to Cowboy Camp, leaving his toys all by themselves. Things speed up when a toy collector named Al McWhiggin kidnaps Woody. At Al's apartment, Woody fines out that he is a highly treasured collectible from the 1950's TV show called "Woody's Roundup", and he meets the other prized toys from that show, Jessie the cowgirl, Bulleye the horse and Stinky Pete the Prospector. In the scene of the crime, Buzz Lightyear and the others toys from Andy's room, Mr. Potato, Slinky, Rex and Hamm spring into action to rescue their friend from ending up in the museum.

The toys get into one problem after another in their daring race to get Woody home before Andy returns.

Question 1: The film starts off as Andy goes to Cowboy Camp, his room is full of different types of toys but there are some that stands up from the rest of the toys.

This group is, integrated by Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky dog, Rex, Hamm, Mrs. Potato Head, (the girl) etc. Woody is the leader of the group, at the beginning of the film he is the one that takes the decisions and the rest follow him. For example when the penguin is taken to the garage sale he is the first one to care about and starts telling orders to the rest of the toys.

Trying to save the penguin from being sell, Woody gets kidnapped by a toy collector, named Al McWhiggin, Buzz Lightyear is the first toy to react and takes the decision to save Woody from the toy collector, then he is joined by Mr. Potato head, Slinky dog, Rex and Hamm whom volunteers to help him in the rescue. This group of toys is the core team, now guided by Buzz who is replacing Woody as a leader.

The rescue team arises by a common interest, which is to recover their friend Woody, it is a friendship group, this kind of groups is called informal groups.

Components and profiles of the main team: Buzz Lightyear: he is quick thinking and brave, he doesn't hesitate in any moment that he has to rescue his friend Woody and at the end of the film he is the one that convince Woody to go back home.

Mr. Potato Head: is the only member of the team who is married, he is irreverent and irritable. He is always willing to lend a hand to a pal as long as he gets it back.

Rex: has the kindest heart of all the toys but is the weaken spine of the group, he is the only one that is nervous when is asked to rescue Woody.

Slinky dog: he is very loyal and is the first to volunteer to help Buzz find Woody.

Hamm: he is a know-it-all but loyal till the end. He always gives his point of view and anyone who thinks the other way he won't agree with it. He always uses his common cents, like when he figures it out who the thief is Woody: he finds himself kidnapped and finds out that he is a very valuable toy the star of a 1950's TV show, and he has to work out which is more important to him, his friends or being a star.

When groups are formed they go through general stages of group development. One model of group development assumes that groups proceed through five stages of development: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

Stage 1: The main team doesn't go very much through the forming stage, the reason of this is because all members of the team already knows each other very well, it looks like they know each other for a long time. Even if you haven't seen the first movie, it is obvious that it's not the first time they have to deal with different situations.

They don't have any kind of problems in expressing their opinions, attitudes, beliefs, regardless of what the rest of the team is going to think about each other.

Also there is a great acceptance and a great trust from all the members. It is inferred from the situations in the film, especially when this team is made that this toys have been in Andy's room for a long time, living, sharing things, helping each other, etc.

Stage 2: In the storming situation, happens the same as in the first one, because they have a very strong relation ship between each other, there is not much conflict and hostility. Only when Woody is replaced by Buzz as a leader, there is a small time that the group has to adapt to the new situation. This phase doesn't arise much conflict because of the personalities of all members of the group, they are used to have a leader and they aren't willing to become one.

Stage 3: In this stage their mutual goal is to bring Woody back home, all of them agree in that. The only member of the team that hesitates is Rex, but this is because of his personality he is always nervous and afraid of everything.

The team work together to develop mutually solutions, all of them comes up with ideas to rescue Woody, for example Hamm come up with technical information that is useful to find who the thief is. Buzz gives instruction and uses a chart to locate the thief, Mr. Potato is a bit pessimist on the idea to find the thief, he says that are million of tag numbers in Detroit. All members of the team discusses multiple ideas until they find out who the thief is, where he is and then they are ready to start the rescue mission..

Stage 4: The group goes through the performing stage, they share a common vision, they have to bring Woody back home at any cost. They have very strong relationship and acceptance of Buzz as the leader, even in difficult situations, like when they have to cross the road, they trust they leader and follow him without question it. Also this good relation and acceptance aids the team in performing well, like when they have to open the supermarket sliding door, by working all together and cooperating they are able to open the door. (Here the group is having the other Buzz Lightyear as a leader but they don't know it, that's why they keep working as a group and focus on their goal.

Stage 5: The group is disband when they recover Woody, he becomes the leader again and all members of the group including Buzz Lighyear don't question that Woody is their leader.

Now there is a new team guided by Woody, their mission is to return home save and rescue the cowgirl.

In the film there is a high level of diversity, for example in the internal dimension there are different factors, such as: Age: Some toys are older than others, bringing this to a human situation, the age will be determinate by the number of years of each individual, but in the film this age is determinate according if the toy is new or is an old toy. For example Buzz Lightyear its a bran new toy, while Woody is an old one.

There is also another way of seeing the age of the toys and it's depending the age of the owner, the toys aren't going to died but if the owner, in this case Andy, grows up then the toys will become useless for him. This is what happens to the cowgirl, whose last owner stooped caring about her toy because she grew up.

Race: there is a high mix of races, almost every toy represents a different race, there are only few exceptions where you can match the same race, like Woody with the Cowgirl or Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head or the soldiers. The rest represents different races; even there are some toys that represent a race out of this world, like the aliens.

Physical Ability: each toy has different physical abilities and this makes them unique, also this is what helps them to become a very effective group. In almost every scene of the film each toy is using his physical abilities, for example Buzz is very fast and flexible, Slinky uses his body as a ladder to help the group get from the window to the ground, Mr. potato stores thinks on his back, Woody has the typical cowboy abilities.

By combining all this unique abilities helps the group reach their objectives and be a very effective team Sexual orientation: one thing that has impressed as is that the core team is only formed by males, there aren't any females in the team. The film follows a typical machist approach; the male is the one that goes to war while the female stays at home waiting for the male to return.

Sex/homosexuality doesn't exist, one good example is when the Barbie dolls are dancing in swimwear and Mr.Potato and others stared at them with a sensual presence.

We think that if the rescue team have been formed by at least one female, it would have been a more effective team. For example Mrs. Potato is more careful and prevents the worse when she tells Mr.Potato to take with him many items in case he might need them while Mr.Potato didn't even thing about that, he just goes to the adventure like the rest of the group without planning first what they might need.

Personalities: Applying the big five personality traits to the members of the team: Agreeableness: In general all members of the team share this personality trait in a higher or a lower level, all of them get on very well with each other.

We think that Woody has the higher level of agreeableness; as a leader he develops a very good working relationship with the group. He is very gentle, cooperative, understanding in dealing with others. One example when squeeze, the penguin, is sent to the garage sale, Woody is the first one to care about it and he react immediately to save squeeze.

On the other hand, Mr. Potato head is the one that has lower level of agreeableness, he is a bit irritable, irreverent and wisecracker.

The rest of the team in a rate 1 to 5 are in the middle.

Negative emotionally: We think that Rex has a higher level of this personality trait, he is very insecure, he is always afraid of everything, the rest of the team has to push him in several situations to keep him inside the group, like in the situation of crossing the street, if Buzz doesn't grap Rex by the tale, then Rex might had left the group.

Rex is very nervous and reactive, he can't keep much control of his action.

Mr. Potato has also a higher level of negative emotionally, using the same situation when they have to cross the street he doesn't want to cross, he says " I don't want o become a smash potato", also in many times he gets excitable and insecure.

Buzz and Woody have the lower level of this kind of personality, that's why they have attitudes to be leaders, they are more secure, calm and deals much better with stressful situation, like rescuing the penguin or cowgirl at the airport.

Conscientiousness: All members of the team have one single goal, which is to rescue Woody, they keep focus on their goal until the end. However Rex is the only one that is not totally focus on the goal, he has inside his head another goal, which is how to defeat Zurg. When they are at the supermarket he founds a magazine that explains how to combat against Zurg, in that particular moment he forgets about what the real mission is. Also he is the one that is more careless, irresponsible and disorganized.

On the other hand, Buzz has the lower level, he stays the whole movie focus in one goal, to save Woody, he doesn't stop until is reached.

Openness: Mr. Potato Head has the lowest level; he is not willing to change his ideas. Also Hamm is a bit like that, he thinks he knows it all.

Woody and Buzz are imaginative and curious, they are always open to new ideas and willing to listen, that's why they have the attitudes to be leaders.

Extraversion: There is no doubt that Mr. Potato and Hamm have the lowest level of this personality trait, they are sociable but the lowest in the whole group. One example is when Mr. Potato saves the aliens, he doesn't want to have nothing with them.

Rex, Woody and Buzz have higher levels, they make friends easily, they are more talkative and open to establish new relationships.

Agreeableness Negative Conscientiousness Openess Extraversion Woody 5 1 1 5 5 Buzz 4 1 1 5 5 Mr.Potato 1 5 2 1 1 Slinky 3 3 2 3 4 Rex 4 5 4 3 5 Hamm 2 3 2 1 1 Another personality trait that stands out in the film is Self-Efficacy; Buzz has the highest level, he believes in his capabilities to perform any task, also Woody feels the same way, that's why they are the first one to react in many situations, showing more confidence on themselves. For example, when Woody goes to rescue the Squezze or Buzz rides the horse to follow the plane where Woody and Cowgirl are.