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1.1 Problem definition

1.1.1 The subject area

The report mainly focuses on safety and security of bus passengers and drivers in specific reference to Manchester bus service. This investigation into security of bus passengers refers to on board and off board safety, particularly referred to security at the bus stops, to the bus stops and at the bus stations at different times and in different areas.

1.1.2 Nature of the problem

Back in September 2003, a survey by Granada Reports revealed that the majority of local people in Manchester do not prefer travelling by bus clearly because of the safety elements. Other issues such as reliability, timing and flexibility were also considered at the same time.

However the survey only covered a small proportion of people, as it was carried out in a form of random interview.

Currently the bus services in Manchester are quite inefficient in terms of safety and security.

Incidences take place both on board and off board, and local bus users avoid using bus transport for travelling after dark especially in the peak time for incidents which occur between 9.00pm and 12.00am steadily increasing from 3.00pm.

This project will be based on a survey which will have a number of people from different areas in Manchester who travel by bus and will obtain their views on bus safety. Bus operators will also be interviewed to discuss the raised issues. It will look deeply into bus passengers and bus drivers' safety and security in Manchester and will also measure other bus service issues related to the problem such as timing, reliability and flexibility.

1.1.3 Purpose of the enquiry

The main purpose of the enquiry is to examine the current procedures of safety aspects being used by different bus services and their...