Treasure Island, and island of providence and despair.

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The Island of Providence and Despair

Robert Louis Stevenson was born to Thomas and Margaret Stevenson in Edinburgh on November 13, 1850. Stevenson spent much of his childhood very ill. Because he was so ill, his parents hired a full time nurse, Allison Cunningham.

Cunningham filled Stevenson's head full of amazing stories. She told him adventurous tales of Scottish martyrs and Covenanters. At a very young age, Steven was quite a storyteller himself. He had picked up on Cunningham's storytelling and wrote many short stories.

As Stevenson grew older, he continued to write. He wrote about the same things that fascinated him as a little boy. He wrote many adventurous stories, his most famous being Treasure Island. An analysis of characterization, plot, setting, tone, and irony demonstrates how Stevenson creates an adventure for the reader.

The tone of Treasure Island is very adventurous. Through out the story the characters are all seeing things they have never seen and doing things they have never done.

"Though I had lived by the shore all my life, I seemed never to have been near the sea till then. The smell of tar and salt was something new" (Stevenson 61). They go through many adventures on and off shore. The narrators talk of things one might never dream of at all.

Adventures take place all through out the book. Jim Hawkins, the main character, goes on many separate adventures. Hawkins is just a little boy, but through out all the

events of the book he becomes a young man. At the beginning of the novel, Hawkins is quiet and frightened easily. "I was so utterly terrified of the blind beggar that I forgot my terror of the captain, and as I opened the parlour door, cried out the words he had ordered

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