Trinezza: Entering International Markets.

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This report is based on an interactive simulation about a company that wanted to expand into a new global market. The company is Trinezza and they manufacture a scooter called the Cynta. The idea of expanding into this new market was based off an experience the chief financial officer JoAnne Vallenari had while on a vacation to Setonia.

Trinezza had made the decision to enter the global market by license agreement with another company named Giabor. The Giabor Company had grown to a $36 million company in just a short time. The Setonia government was planning to liberalize their economy to allow Foreign Direct Investment for wholly subsidiaries and has also formed a Free Trade Agreement. This will be a major factor in the decision for Trinezza to continue with their plans of growth to Setonia

Some major factors I would enter for a SWOT analysis of the Trinezza Company would be:


Product - Delivers practical features in a confident and sporty package.

Their scooter is a reliable and economical mode of transportation.

Lack of Competitors - That fact that there are few scooter companies in the Setonia will work in Trinezza's favor. To the local people this is something new and refreshing as opposed to the same six companies' that have been supplying the country with scooters.

Growth - Last year there was a 29% increase

Both strength and weakness the 50-100cc markets is the largest.


Brand Identification - The Trinezza's company and their product are practically unknown to the Setonia market.

International Experience - Lack of experience within the company to help make a transition like this.

Price - The Cynta carries a higher price tag than the competition, which will make it harder to sell than the lower priced competition.

Financial Resources -They...