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TUPAC AND THE OUTLAWZ HISTORY Formerly known as 2pac. Tupac began career as a Roadie with Digital Underground premiering on the track entitled "Same Song." His first album was "2pacalypse Now" which came out in 1991.The follow-up to that album was entitled "Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z."in '93. He was involved in many legal and criminal troubles including a rape charge in '94 just before his "Me Against the World" LP came out. And just before sentencing for that trial, he was shot in a NY recording studio. Out of jail nearly 8 months later, he signed with Death Row and one Mr. Suge Knight paid his bail. He then came out with his best work yet called "All Eyez on Me" which is now 7X Platinum. His next album "Makaveli: 7DT" was released just 2 weeks after his untimely death on Sep. 13th, 1996. It went close to 4X Platinum.

Although after his death, as you know, his success has continued through Death Row as well as through his mother Afeni as Afeni's Amaru Records released "R U Sill Down", a collaberation of material from 91-94 which was very successful. Also, in 98, Death Row and Amaru released the over 5X Platinum "2pac's Greatest Hits", The Outlawz continue to strive for success in his name.

Kadafi was known as Yak when a member of a group called "The Plague." This gruop had nearly 30 members including Fatal. Kadafi and Hussein Fatal were, along with Pac, the first origional members of the Outlawz. But before joining the Outlawz, Kadafi was a member of the group "Dramacydal" which included three other current Outlawz Kastro aka K-Dogg,EDI aka Big Mal, and Napoleon aka Mutah were all members of Dramacydal. On the night that Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas, Kadafi was...