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The 9/11 attacks occurred on Tuesday the 11th of September 2001. They were four deliberate terrorist attacks upon the United States in New York City as well as Washington D.C, which were coordinated by the Islamic group al-Qaeda. The September 11 attacks involved four hijacked planes, with a total of nineteen terrorist hijackers and four separate targets, including the two world trade centres, the pentagon and the fourth target, which was believed to be either the U.S. Capitol Building or the White House. The September 11 attacks took 3,000 victims, which made it the most deadly terrorist attack that has occurred on US soil.

The attacks had huge effects on America, the most significant ones being the health effects and the economic impact that followed the attacks. These are the two effects I will be discussing, not only how they impacted America, but how they impacted the people within America.

To begin with we will discuss the health issues that arose from the September 11 attacks. When the Twin Towers collapsed, millions of tons of lethal fragments were spread throughout the city. The exposure to these toxins effected people almost immediately and contributed to a range of long term and short-term health effects. It is believed that around three to five deaths were due to the lethal toxins that were released and around 18,000 people have developed illnesses because of the lethal toxins. It was not only the people who were in the Twin Towers when they were attacked that were victims of the health effects, it included all of Lower Manhattan's residents, as well as Chinatown as the toxins spread quickly through the air, polluting a significant area of New York within hours. Rescue workers from...