Two sides of Abortion

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October 13th, 2008Introduction and ThesisMore and more young girls and women are opting to have abortions in today’s society. “In 1996 there was approximately 1.37 million throughout the year, just about 3,700 daily.” (Lawrence) This has been an ongoing ethnical issue. Abortion has two sides in this debatable issue. People can choose to be for it being pro-choice or against it being pro-life. The problem is the question arises is abortion morally right or is it morally wrong? Women believe there are many reasons to justify the decision to abort, such as the fear of raising a child, rape, not being financially stable, or just the simple fact they don’t want a baby. A Book I read in a previous class by Bruce Waller stated “Arguments concerning abortion are concentrated around three distinct issues.” (Waller, p. 26) The issues are very complicating and not easily decided on. Issues arise such as “first, what is the status of the fetus? (When does a fetus gain consciousness, when does it gain a soul.)

Second, what are the rights of the woman carrying the fetus and when (if ever) do they trump the rights of the fetus (if the fetus has any right)? And third what would be the effect if abortion was illegal?” (Waller, p. 263) As it turns out nobody has the right or wrong answer only their opinions. Myself I am pro-life.

In my opinion abortion is wrong, unless the woman will die due to giving birth, there is no other acceptable reasons to have an abortion. I am against abortions. Some aspects that make me feel that abortion and contribute to my decision to be pro-life are human values, religious values, and the values of conscience.

First I feel women need to think about their unborn child and how...