Type One Diabetes and Its Effects.

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Type one diabetes is a disease that affects the kidneys ability to produce insulin. Many illnesses, physical, and mental, can arise for those with this problem. There are many treatments for this disease that make coping easier, but there is no cure.

I. Type One Diabetes

A. Insulin Dependance

B. Statistics

II. Health Dangers

A. Physical

B. Mental

III. Prevention

A. Treatments

B. Surgery

Type One Diabetes And It's Effects

Type one diabetes occurs when the immune system fights against "insulin-producing beta cells." The destroyed cells cause the pancreas to produce "little or no insulin." Most often this type of diabetes is developed in early childhood and in teens("Diabetes").

According to Dr. Chase, "insulin allows sugar to pass into our cells so it can be burned for our energy." Internal sugars come from the liver. External sugars are "burned" for energy in the "body's cells."

In type one diabetes the pancreas does not release insulin, so the "blood sugar" rises to a high level, since it cant be "burned." The "blood sugar" is then released into the urine(1).

According to "Diabetes in Alabama", a report from the Alabama Department of Public Health there are "approximately seventeen million people in the United States" who "have diabetes." Within this number there are "as many as one third of those " seventeen million infected who are "unaware" of their condition .In Alabama alone " approximately 439,000[...] are unaware that they even have diabetes, and that as many as 200,000 more may have the condition but are unaware of it. "

When people are diagnosed with diabetes they are also diagnosed with a series of other related problems. These include high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, neuropathy, amputations, and...