The ultimate standard for Muslim leaders is the Prophet Muhammad.

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The ultimate standard for Muslim leaders is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Recognized by many non-Muslim historians and social scientists as the person who most influenced the course of human history, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) best embodies the personal qualities necessary for effective, God-fearing leadership. Since his time, the barometer by which any Muslim leader is measured continues to be that of the last Messenger of Allah.

His dress was always clean, though simple. He was very mindful of cleanliness. He washed his hands and mouth before and after taking his meals.

He was so kind and generous that he never refused a reasonable request of any person. He often distributed edibles among others and went without meals himself. He always helped the needy and the poor and went to the houses of the sick to enquire after their health.

He had no love for luxuries or the illusions of this mortal world.

He was never enchanted by any worldly things, and he invariably looked upon this world's life as a passing one.

The Holy Prophet spoke in short, meaningful sentences and was never seen or heard to interrupt anybody's speech.

He never spoke with a morose face, nor did he ever apply rough, awkward words. Unlike grants and despotic rulers, the Holy Prophet never looked at those who were addressing him with half-closed eyes.

The Holy Prophet did not care to sit down in the seat of honour in gatherings, and on entering any place would sit down in the first empty seat available.

He did not let anybody stand up before him and treated others most respectfully. Of course, the virtuous people were most revered by him.

The Holy Prophet was justly angered when he observed a violation of God's commands and of Islam and was most pleased at...