Unidentified Flying Object

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For thousands of years people have associated objects in the sky with the gods and goddesses of their culture. That all changed with the sightings of unidentified flying object (UFO) and encounters with aliens. These sighting and encounters kicked-off the UFO craze which resulted in the creation of Ufology, congressional and military cover-up, and even Hollywood got in on the action.

Curtis Peebles describes UFO aircrafts as typically being high-speed, ultra-maneuverable disk-shaped; he goes on to describe aliens as grey skinned, short and thin with a large bald head. Peebles' research shows that some of the purposes for these alien visits are to observe human activities that they may consider a threat such as nuclear testing, perform medical examination and breeding experiment on humans.

A cigar-shaped object with four large wings appeared through the mist; its beam of light sweep the ground. This alien piloted aircraft was reported hovering all over Sacramento, California for about half hour on September 17, 1896 (Rasmussen, 1990).

This sighting was the beginning of a wave of sightings that spread from Sacramento to San Francisco; then moving to other parts of California and to parts of Canada. Hallucination, hoaxes and heavy drinking were blamed for these sightings.

Per Rasmussen, the fatal Mantell crash is one of the most popular UFO report. Captain Thomas Mantell's P-51 Mustang crashed on January 7, 1948 near Godman Air Force Base, Kentucky shortly after reporting that he was giving chase to a UFO. The wreckage of the aircraft and Captain Mantell's body was found a few hours later. The military report stated that the Captain mistook the planet Venus for a UFO, and upon reaching twenty thousand feet he blacked out thus losing control of the aircraft (Rasmussen, 1990).

On July 19, 1952 UFOs were seen buzzing the White...