"The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is a wish list drawn up by a group of "bleeding heart liberals" who are completely out of touch with the real world"

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In many ways the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights appears to be a statement of ideals written by naive and out of touch Samaritans, but on closer inspection it becomes obvious that they are more of a serious plea for peacefulness and liberation than a document of childish requests. They spell out a deep and desperate-sounding "final plea" for justice and equality among the races. Simply by listing these basic human rights and expectations, they can prove to us what has failed in the past and why, and while some of the articles may seem out-dated, many are becoming increasingly valuable.

Written in a time when racial prejudice was the source of most laws and expectations, The Declaration lists many simple-sounding, obvious human rights, and it is often hard to believe that such points as "Everyone has the right to recognition as a human being under the law." (UNDHR; Article 6) are even worth the paper they are written on when being considered by a teenager growing up in Australia in the year 2002.

This provides insight into just how meager the situation has been in many countries for years before the Declaration was produced. Certainly not much has changed in the most poorest regions in relation to the Declaration of Human Rights, but there has been notable improvement in the treatment of various minority groups in such places as Asia and America, which were once known to condone incredible atrocities against religious and racial minority groups, such as the persecution of black people in America. Without the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, these countries may still suffer from the continuing affects of their traditional prejudices.

With the ongoing concerns surrounding the recent international acts of terrorism and the insecurity felt by many nations as to the...