The United States Treasury and The Federal Reserve

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The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve

Many things drive the human race. The primal instincts, hunger, sex, and shelter no longer need to be fought over in our day and age. One thing has changed the timeless struggle of man for survival, something that we see, deal with and live within our day to day lives. Money. A man no longer has to spend days stalking, tracking, and hunting to put food on the table and in the belly of himself and his family. He can just go to the supermarket and purchase food. He no longer has to pursue a woman, woo her, impress her, just to satisfy his carnal urges. He can go to a street corner (or Amsterdam), and pay somebody to warm his bed with him for the night. He no longer has to spend months searching for a dry, safe area, well protected from the elements and predators.

He doesn't have to change that area, build it up, until he has created a habitable living space. He can just purchase a house from a realtor. We spend our lives learning skills that would have little or no use to us in the wild, the real world. We learn our numbers, our languages, and our history; so that we can spend our lives slaving away at some big picture we can't see, selling our lives away for money. We go against our instincts, enter a spirit breaking, hope crushing, menial corporate machine for sometimes as little as $8 an hour. We do this all for money. Yet this paper god, this panacea, this routine part of our days, of our lives is rarely spared a second thought as to its creation. To us it is just simply there.