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Kenneth Porlaris Period 2 Ms. Buckly Finding the Unknown Chemical Purpose: The purpose of this lab on the third day was to find the uknown chemical by doing expriements to figure out what is the unknown chemical.

Background: There are numerous organic chemical groups. The ones we are studying are, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. Beginning with carbohydrates, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are elements of molecules in this specific group. The molecules link together makes different types of carbohydrates. Some types are polysaccharide, monosaccharide, and disaccharide. The elements that are found in the molecules of Nucleic Acids are hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, nitrogen, and oxygen. Nucleic acdis have two froms, RNA and DNA. RNA is a nucleic acid that froms a copy of DNA for use for making proteins. DNA is an organic genetic code that has instructions used to form all of an organism's enzymes and to structure the protein.

Elements that are found in Lipids are hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Lipids are very important for proper functioning of the organism insulation, also known as energy storage and protective skin. An example of this would be glycerol. Proteins contains carbons, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. The molecules provide tissues and organs to transport the metabolism through the cells. Its very important for transporting oxygen to the blood stream. It makes up practically all our body, such as finger nails, and hair. One of the tests was the Iodine test, which tests for polysaccharides.

If the chemical were a polysaccharide it would then turn into a dark purpleor black color. Another test was the Benedict's test which tests formonosaccharide, which should turn the chemical into a tangerine, reddishcolor. The third test is the Biurette test, which tests for proteins whetherit's a positive protein or negative protein. The last test...