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NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE SECTION _____________________________________________ In the Matter of the Liability for Unemployment Insurance Contributions Under Article 18 of the Labor Law of: JENNIFER PAPULA, Claimant - Respondent, NYS ARC, DC CHAPTER, Employer - Appellant.

Linda Angello Commissioner of Labor _____________________________________________ Social Security No.: 070-68-8173 Case No.: 102-2084-0001 Appeal Board No.: 505585 Date of Hearing: April 22, 2002 Place of Hearing: Poughkeepsie, New York Before: Tracy Roberts Administrative Law Judge Transcribed by: Joann McDonnell Appearances: Clt.: Jennifer Papula Emp.: NYS Arc, DC Chapter Emp. By: Terry Temple, H.R. Dir.

Emp. Wit.: Joanne Rohrssen, Witness Maureen Gallagher, Witness __________________________________________ THE MECHANICAL SECRETARY 108-16 72nd Avenue Forest Hills, New York 11375 (718) 268-7900 ALJ MEYER: Testing one two testing testing. Okay we are on the record in ALJ case number 302-01153. Today's date is the second of May 2001 or 2002 rather. This hearing was scheduled for eleven o'clock but it is about eleven forty five now and we are going to go ahead with the hearing.

It was scheduled before Judge Parker but he is involved in a lengthy hearing right now we are going to just go ahead with this hearing. Present in the hearing room is the claimant Maxine M. Walter and for Hamburg Country Store your name please? MS. POLITI: Bonnie Politi.

ALJ MEYER: P o l i t i? MS. POLITI: Yes.

ALJ MEYER: Okay and you are the owner? MS. POLITI: Yes.

ALJ MEYER: Okay and also present in the hearing room for the Department of Labor is? MR. REISCH: William Reisch R e i s c h and I am a Senior Unemployment Insurance Hearing Representative representing the Commissioner of Labor.

ALJ MEYER: Okay and my name is Susan Meyer I am the Administrative Law Judge who...