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Group 20 November 30, 2000 Argumentative Out of the Frying Pan, and into the?.Hot Seat? Capital punishment is a very controversial subject in today?s world. People should think about what will happen to them if they commit a crime, and the consequences that will follow the crime. Society has enough problems to deal with without people committing crimes, Therefore capital punishment is desperately needed.

Above all else, it costs too much of hard working taxpayers? dollars to send someone to prison. It costs a large amount of money each year to keep a person in prison. Why should we pay that much money for those who willingly inflict pain or harm with no cause or concern? There are about thirty-three hundred people on death row. Fifty to sixty percent of inmates are now executed each year, most after having served ten years on death row (Senna and Sigel 430). The opposition will say the monetary units cannot take the place or be substituted for human life.

However, capital punishment is not a moral injustice. Look at what we kill. Lion?s and tigers: cause it?s fun. House fly?s and mosquito?s: cause their pests. Pheasants and quail: cause we?re hungry, and it?s fun. We rarely see a bumper sticker that says "save the roaches". So, at most, this sanctity of life that these anti-capital punishment people try to portray to us is selective. We get to deem which forms of life are sacred, and we get to kill the rest. Is this actually what we?re supposed to believe? If one is to argue that the death penalty is demoralizing to our values, then that person should take a look at our world.

Secondly, society has a right to protect itself. If it is obvious, with extensive and substantial proof, that a person...