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System Investigation The Crack Monkey Bookstore has been in business for about six months and wants to expand to the Internet to help move inventory. This bookstore will be dealing in collage schoolbooks only, both new and used. We will start to implement this system by following the Systems Development Life Cycle by starting with the System Investigation.

Feasibility Study Presently we are a local bookstore located in Mesa that has to rely on both word of mouth and local advertisement for business. The books are stored in the back of the building on bookracks in alphabetical order. The Crack Monkey Bookstore has been approved for a 150,000-dollar loan form the government to make these and other improvements. Some of the other improvements are: enlarging the warehouse, redesigning the front of the store and changing the display area. We are hopping to both increase sales and help maintain a more accurate inventory of our books, which will increase our productivity and cash flow.

Organizational Feasibility This proposed system would help the store, by increasing the sales and maintaining a more dynamic inventory. With this system in place the hopes of the owners are to be able to expand through out the valley.

Economic Feasibility This system will help in the moving of books to decrease on hand inventories. It will also reduce manpower needs with a more accurate inventory system. No need of a large filing cabinet system to keep track of paper flow. With the new system we will be able to reach more customers there by increasing revenues.

Technical Feasibility This would put the bookstore in competition with other bookstores that are already on the web, but with our bookstore being local there will be a faster delivery time. Getting the hardware or software to start this is...