"Unveiling the Unknown" This essay is a persuasive essay for English class concerning space exploration and reasons in which to do so.

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Some of Life's greatest questions have always been "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" and "Where are we going?" In a lifetime, most of us will probably never discover the answers to these questions. Many people use God as an outlet for answers to the questions they cannot explain themselves. Whether you believe in God or not, you are never going to truly know if he exists until death. That's why re-focusing our efforts on space exploration is the key to understanding everything going on around us. Space is out there waiting for us to reveal its mysterious secrets. Earth's future depends on space exploration. Life on Earth is beginning to wear away, and if we want to do something about it we must find new solutions.

Perhaps the most important reason why human beings should focus on space exploration is because of the lack of natural resources on Earth.

Someday we will run out of resources and it will be too late to find other solutions to our problems. That's why we have to study different ways of creating resources, so in the future we will have numerous ways of solving our problems. Asteroids have many minerals that aren't found on Earth. If we found out a way to drill asteroids and bring the minerals back to Earth's surface, we could make up for whatever we ran out of. Another possibility to drilling is we may find new minerals that can be used in the industrial field. Hematite, magnetite, and taconite are all minerals that can be found on Mars and the moon. When Earth's minerals become scarce we can use minerals other planets have to offer. These minerals can be useful for making steel, automobiles, and other types of transportation.

Another reason why space...