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Roberts Leonard

Period 5

English II Honors


"There Will Come Soft Rains" Writing Assignment

The talking house has definitely improved the quality of life because it reminded the family what time it was and what they had to do for the day. It cooked breakfast for the family and it made the parents coffee, and the children milk which would be a big time saver on a weekday for parents who have jobs and don't really have time to make their kids breakfast. When the house locked itself up because it thought some stranger was trying to enter the house is also a great technological improvement because if the family was sleeping and someone tried to break into their house they would probably have no idea. However, the house cleans for the family, opens doors for the family, cooks for the family, and reads to them. If the family is only going to work and school and not doing anything at home then their life loses a lot of value.

Simple tasks like opening doors do not take much of an effort. Cleaning the house for the family is also bad because they should want to get up and clean the house on their own, it makes them lazy and basically means that they don't have to do anything but sit around. When the house "reads" to Mrs. McClellan, because it is programed to do so, is not good for the family due to the fact that it dumbs them down and decreases their literacy because all they have to do us listen instead of actually reading a true book.

In modern times the Internet is a great improvement because it provides much knowledge and it is easy to search and find things that are needed,