Urban vs. Rural Communities

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"This place is turning into another New York or Philadelphia," shouted my father as he watched the evening news. He was commenting on the crime and poverty rates plaguing the growing community of Williamsport. If you spoke to someone from a large city, they would tell you that crime and homelessness (or poverty) is just a 'normal' part of life. There are many differences between urban and rural living. Depending on the type of person you are, one may be better than the other. The objective is to look at the examples provided and decide where you would fit in best. In addition to the moral aspects, you also have social and economic differences that cannot be ignored.

The social aspect is the most widely observed example separating the urban and rural setting. Everyone interacts with each other. We have to in order to survive. Social interaction differs greatly between the two.

In a small town, individuals meet and usually form some type of relationship (either good or bad) because the population is limited to how many people a person can actually meet. If you only have fifty people in your town, you have to develop relationships with just those fifty. This limits your cultural diversification and all around way of living. Living in a large city on the other hand, gives you a diverse selection in the people you will interact with. Cultural diversity is abundant and the amount of people that one can meet also increases. This isn't saying that urban life is the way to go.

Small towns have very close relationships and a greater understanding of one another. This may be sometimes hard to discover in an urban setting. Another social paradigm is the amount of resources found in one location compared to another. Small population...