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US Midterm Review Ancient Civilizations Bering Strait ? Land Bridge located between Alaska and Asia Colonization Columbus?s Voyage ? 1) New slave labor 2) New trade goods 3) Spread Christianity Mercantilism - Goal was for a ?Favorable balance of trade? and for a nation to become Self-Sufficient.

Columbian Exchange ? Global transfer of goods between Americas and Europe/Asia.

Middle Passage ? A slave rout to the West Indies and then to North America.

Joint Stock Companies ? Allowed numerous investors to pool their wealth and begin Colonial expeditions ? Virginia Co. & Plymouth Roanoke - Small group led by Sir Walter Reliegh; When returning with supplies Settler?s vanished Jamestown - First settlement founded by John Smith.

First English Colonies - Goals = Find gold, spices, slaves.

Successes = New settlements, slaves, new goods.

Failures = Roanoke, fights with Native Americans Puritan Values Wanted free of all catholic rituals and traditions, felt God should be experienced through faith and prayer ~ Working hard and achieving Success could prove that you were a member of God?s Elect.

Roger Williams - Extreme separatist ~ 1) Should buy land from NA 2) Gov?t should Not punish settlers for beliefs. ~ Banished and founded Rhode Island William Penn - Quaker who began a Holy Experiment ? to not create differences in Rank he gave each male settler 50 acres land and a right to vote. His Gov?t idea resembled a democracy.

Colonial Economies ? Page 5 Bacons Rebellion - Bacon forms an army after Gov?t would not support settlers. His Army was called illegal so his army attacked Jamestown but lost.

Great Awakening ? A religious movement, led by John Edwards and George Whitfield Stressed going to church, rededication towards God, encouraged People to question British Authority and prey.

Salem Witchcraft Trials ? False accusations...