The usefulness of economic theory in the sport market

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1. Introduction

Football has been one of the most well supported sports in China since it was introduced in the 1900s. In 1994, the Chinese Professional Soccer League (CPSL) was established. Under the direct supervision of the Chinese Football Association (CFA's) Professional League Committee, this nationwide league was divided into Divisions 1 and 2. From 1994 to 2004, the top flight of professional football was "Jia A" (Jia in Chinese means top or first). The China Football Association Super League (CSL) kicked off in May 2004. During eleven years period, the Chinese football market is an incredibly increase, despite the market lack of any real competition.

China Football Industry Development Corp. (CFIDC) is a state-owned enterprise directly under the control of China Football Association (CFA). It is the largest development of the football market company in China and the unique agency authorized by CFA in the promotion of various football industrial operations and business development.

CFIDC as the result of football commercialization has been growing along with the development of Chinese professional leagues. It has always been focusing on the study of the international football trends, experiences, and models, and combining the advanced market management concepts into football business operations in China. The company is to develop Chinese football industry and related business in all areas and at all levels. Recently CFIDC are successfully operating some football projects such as the Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) and Team China etc.

Team China which is the collective of all national football teams represents the highest level of Chinese football, and it is widely concerned by the public and diversity media. The television coverage rating and the on-site audience for the Team China competitions lay in the first place amongst all sports competitions in China. CFIDC's role in the...