Using example, illustrate how conflicts can arise from conflicting senses of place?

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The essay title above is asking me to show using examples how conflicts can happen when conflicting senses of place occur at different places all over the globe. The aim is to answer the above title and I am going to this by firstly defining the spatial scales, I am going to then explain the relevance, problems and give the supporting evidence for each of the places.

The different scales I have chosen to answer the above question are, firstly New Zealand, as the country had inhabitants who were settled upon by Europeans with a different sense of place to them, which eventually took over the Maori's (original dwellers) identity. The second place is Kashmir, as the country has been ravaged with conflict for decades and has still not been able to solve this major conflicting sense of place between the people who live there. Lastly I am going to illustrate how people who move to the countryside with there own ideals often try to change it often resulting in conflict between them and the other local people.

New Zealand originally was inhabited by people called the Maori, the Maori people who lived there had there own beliefs and senses of place, they believed people had to co-operate with each other in life, they measured status by tribe and family members, they were group orientated people, they believed that land was a tradable commodity and that the land was spiritual and people should live in harmony with the environment.

The Pakeha (Europeans) who settled there pre 1840 brought there own ideas along with them, they were more competitive, they measured status by material things, they were more individual as people then the Maori and believed that land was not owned by the people and people were above nature and...