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Vivien Nguyen

Vaccines are among the most effective tools to decrease the prevalence of diseases in society. However, the success of an immunisation program depends on high rates of coverage. There are many case studies and statistics that prove that unimmunised persons can result in outbreaks. The preservation of public health has been the primary responsibility of state governments and it is important action needs to be undertaken.

To increase the public's health and to prevent future epidemics a new law is necessary. Currently no law exists for compulsory vaccinations for children and it is necessary to ensure that all children are immunised to improve the state of their health and for the public's health. The risks of vaccination will be discussed further into the speech.

The law that will be introduced is vaccinations are compulsory for children under 6 years of age. Only children who are exempt from this law are those who have a valid medical reason.

The vaccines required will remain the same as the ones offered currently and will be free of charge to the public. To regulate this policy, all children who register for Medicare, school, or at hospital will be required to sign up for compulsory vaccination, and if vaccinations have not been taken at the required age, a fine will be imposed to the legal guardians of the children. There are two main benefits that will result in the execution of this new law, benefits for the individual and benefits to the public of the ACT and they will be further outlined.

Young children are often at increased risk for illness and death to infectious diseases and vaccine delays may leave them vulnerable at ages with a high risk of contracting several vaccine preventable diseases. Recent statistics show that in the...