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A Walk to RememberA Walk to Remember was written by Nicholas Sparks and published by Warner Books in 1999. The story took place in Beaufort, North Caro- lina. This novel will make you laugh and then cry.

The protagonist is Landon Carter, he was a popular rich kid who fell in love with Jamie Sullivan, a not so popular girl. Her father was the town minister.

This story is told from the eyes of Landon Carter.

Landon Carter was the most popular student in Beaufort High., who had everything going for him. His father was a rich congressman who was out of town a lot and this affected Landon greatly.

Jamie Sullivan was the type of girl who spent her spare time mentoring orphans and doing community service. Her mother died while giving birth to Jamie, because of this her father was very protective of her.

In this book the conflicts are man vs.

self because Landon had to fight with his emotions and Jamie had to deal with leukemia. Another conflict was man vs. society because Landon's friends abandoned him when they found out he was dating the class misfit. Also nobody believed they were in love.

I believe the climax of this story was when Jamie Sullivan announced she had leukemia. Not only was it shocking but it urged me to read on.

I enjoyed this story because it showed affection. courage and strength of character.