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THE WAR BETWEEN THE SONS OF CURIOSITY THE WAR BETWEEN THE SONS OF CURIOSITY Within the process of development in all over the world, most of the human behaviors changed accept one: to be curious about the world that they live in. As Aristotle said "Human naturally wants to know". The pleasure, they have from using their senses is the biggest evidence for it. This curiosity revealed and outbursted in two main areas: philosophy, and science. They can be described as completely different areas but by being the sons of curiosity they have similar points too.

They both discuss the situations by the name of comprehension and they try to vindicate themselves with the realities depends on logic. In Kant's opinion philosophy is a mental activity, which is for vindicate or legitimize yourself with the reasons that, depends on logic. Philosophy and science are both researches that; conscious, with method, and systematic.

They both want to attain law and principle by using concept, and abstraction; they generalize.

Although they have the same objective their ways and methods are different. Science and its research method can be thought but philosophy can not, even the philosophers could not come to an agreement on the method of search, and contemplate. Every philosopher has a way for doing philosophy. As Kant said, "…instead of teaching philosophy, doing philosophy must be thought". Science mentioned to generation to generation but in philosophy every philosopher's philosophy is exploded by the pursuers of him. Scientific premises can be proved but, in restricted meaning, philosophy can not. You can reckon and do prediction that depends on science but you can not do it in philosophy. You can prove that water boils at 100* C or water in made up of two hydrogenous and an oxygen but you can not prove that if Aristotle's philosophy is right or wrong. In science at the last you reach to an end but in philosophy never. Philosophy is more than having a result or achieving a goal it is always being on the way of knowledge. Phytagorus, and Jaspers insist on philosophy is not having the sagacity, it is the desire to obtain it.

To sum up, science is the most important cultural-human based study, that philosophy is mostly interacted in history. By being for recognizing the environment, society, and human, philosophy does not have luxury for not being informed from the results of all kind of sciences studying on these areas. On the other hand, as science's goal is the right inTuesday, January 16, 2001formation, science can not ignore the results of philosophic researches, which will guide and criticize it in opportunity, provision, and sources of the right information. Nevertheless, philosophy is not science, philosophy requires creativity, acknowledge, and sense more than science does.