War on Iraq should not have taken place.

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Our country has been struck with confronting topics detrimental to out society such as leaders Osama Bin-Ladden and Saddam Hussein, the tragedy of the World Trade Center and how Iraq allegedly has "Weapons of Mass Destruction." America, a super-power nation that is especially strong in the military forces, also contain weapons that can obliterate the human race. The president of the United States has the responsibility to initiate war. Initiation is based on a subjective point of view that not all will agree with. An individuals moral view on the war in Iraq is based on ethics and varies due to moral subjectivism.

The U.S. has consistently interacted with the economic and social agenda of other countries in globalization. We are in a social web and looking at the Iraqi army from a descriptive approach would consider taking immediate action to prevent terrorism . However, going to war is not the solution.

There are reasons why it is unjust to go to war. A normative approach looks at the children, families and soldiers and how war will effect their community. Violence cannot solve what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. In a multi-cultural society such as the US, fosters many opinions on the actions the government takes, as well with the consequences of what happens to get the end result.

If I were president I would not initiate in the War on Iraq because I believe in moderate altruism. These are human beings that want freedom and rights to call their own cultural relativist beliefs. Also, the U.S. should not control leadership once Saddam is not in command. We are not in a mono-cultural society, if we are truly in a democratic society then we should consider at what people have to say...