The War On Pain

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The War For A Pain Free Life In the 1800's pain was managed with whiskey, laudanum, or at worst euthanasia. Today, however, we have the ability to control pain with the use of drugs like Oxycontin, which is considered one of the most powerful time-released pain relievers. Unfortunately, through constant bombardment in the news our government has led you to believe falsehoods regarding pain-killing drugs. This has enforced the growth of an anti-drug culture, which pushes the DEA to tightly monitor the health profession. Like a diabetic who needs insulin to control his blood sugar level, a chronic pain sufferer needs painkillers to manage pain. Without the help of this medication patients suffering from fibromyalgia, FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome), cancer, or AIDS may have no hope to live a pain-reduced existence or in some cases a pain free passage into heaven. Emotional well being, quality of health, and patients rights are among three reasons why state policies should recognize, but not interfere with the medical use of opoids for pain relief.

The emotional well being of a patient relies heavily on the care they receive, it is important to remember, that the emotional state of a newly diagnosed patient, with an ailment is extremely weak. Dreams shattered by the loss of normalcy can warp the brain. As long as they are suffering or being tortured by having drugs kept from them, they are in great danger of suicide or facing death due to the stress placed on their body. Because Sherry Williams 02 people snap under long-term strain, any kind of chronic pain can get to a suicidal pain level. Painkillers, if used correctly, can relive the pain allowing the patient to not slip into a deep suicidal depression. Helping them maintain a healthy emotional level will...