Water and Air Pollution Plan

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Water and Air Pollution PlanJust like most cities in the United States, Boston, Massachusetts has issues with both water and air pollution. The Boston Metropolitan area is known for having one of the highest health risks for diesel soot, which cause many health concerns such as; premature death, heart attacks, cancer and asthma. (Gorke, 2006) The water resources in the Boston area also have pollution concerns, as far as keeping the water safe and clean.

There are several ways to make plans that will reduce water and air pollution in Boston, Massachusetts.

To reduce the health risk from the diesel soot there must be action taken soon, and it needs to be taken more seriously than it has in the past and still to this day. The federal standards regulating the cars made in 2006 and on into the future are not enough to keep our environment safe from the black carbon soot coming out of the older vehicles.

There needs to be a plan for older vehicles as well. The federal government could pass a law that all businesses using heavy equipment, dump trucks, semis, and both transit and school buses update their exhaust systems for a lesser and safer form of pollution, just as the newer cars being made. This may take a lot of money for these businesses, but it would be money well spent. The city can replace conventional diesel fuel with a cleaner ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) to help reduce pollution coming out of the city buses on a daily basis. ULSD is a diesel fuel with sulfur content that will reduce nitrous oxide being put into the air. (Chevron Products Company, 2007)The water pollution in Boston is polluted with mercury, a toxic metal. (Daley, 2007)Daley (2007) also states there are over 10,000 lakes, ponds, reservoirs...