Water Resource Plan: Overfishing

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Overfishing is when commercial and non-commercial fishing are catching too many fish for the ecosystem to replenish the degradation to the system. The fishing of commercial and non-commercial depletes a fishery, catching so many adult fish there are not enough remaining to breed and replenish the population. The ecological and economical dangers of overfishing were made in the last 50 years, by the rapid advances in fishing technology. Hundreds of non-commercial trawlers and fishing boats were based at ports. These have now been replaced by huge factory ships, which are able to stay out at sea for weeks at a time. These factory boats have all the equipment necessary to freeze and can fish (caught by their hunting ships), so that they need to return to base only when their holds are full.

Overfishing is a problem; the inhabitants (humans) of the planet are losing marine life species and entire ecosystems.

We are in risk of losing a valuable food source that many depend on for social, economical and dietary reasons. In 1992, Newfoundland, Canada, a once thriving cod fishing industry came to a screeching stop. At the start of the fishing season no cod appeared. Overfishing for decades, fisheries untrained management was cause for this disaster. Almost 40,000 people lost their means of support and an ecosystem in complete decay. Fifteen years later, many fishermen are waiting for the cod to return and communities still have not recovered from the sudden depletion of cod. Now the only decent form of support is crab fishing.

My plan for sustaining overfishing in my communities would be; to speak with the local fisherman and the proper city officials about the seriousness that overfishing is causing. Properly maintained fisheries could and should be a renewable and possibly even endless supply of protein. At...