Ways to Combat Stress

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College is full of stress whether it is writing paper after paper, studying for test constantly, or just trying to impress a girl at party. With all these factors how is a college student going to be able to handle all of these pressures? There are many different ways that people deal with stress; from drinking to talking to people there are lots of ways to deal with stress. Many ways are good and some are bad, here are six S activity?s to help handle stress in the college setting.

Sports: Sports are one of the most popular ways to deal with stress. Any sport played can help deal with stress by getting out and interacting with others, moving around getting the blood pumping, and taking your mind away from your worries. Even a non aggressive sport like pool, ping pong, or just throwing a baseball around gets rid of the things to worry about.

Swimming: Although it can be a sport at times, it is a pleasant way to get some exercise in and free yourself of stress if sports aren?t the way to go. Swimming laps and letting your mind wonder while your body fluently glides across the top of the water can be very relaxing. If swimming is a problem just floating or sitting in the cool water can be fun, especially if friends are brought to splash around with. At the gym, once out of the water there are saunas and hot tubs that loosen up those tight stressed muscles and make you feel better. Top it all off with a warm shower and the stress will be suppressed.

Sex: If exercise still doesn?t cut it, sex is a very good stress reliever. Although not typical way to deal with stress, sex is good for...