While some people find reading poetry challenging, others find it inspiring and enjoyable. What to you is the 'appeal' of poetry?

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Poetry is the imaginative literature art form involving language heightened by verse, imagery, rhetoric and figurative devices, to affect the mind, imagination and emotion. Poetry, or verse, is usually rhythmic and metrical. As one of the most ancient and widespread art forms it remains so versatile it is difficult to define precisely. Throughout time, poetry has evolved and developed into endless forms and genres. Originally fused with music in song, poetry developed a connection with practical activities to render them more affective, as in work songs or prayers used for religious ceremonies. Poetry can tell stories and present philosophical or didactic meanings, such as poetry in verses from the bible, ballads and neoclassic or romantic poems. Not only does poetry teach, guide and inform us but also depicts processes of the imagination and expresses emotions, passions and desires. The pure enjoyment and satisfaction that can be obtained through poetry, and it's complete versatility, is why I believe people can find poetry appealing.

The appeal of poetry lies within the mind of the reader; it is the vital part of every human being, the expression of one's deepest emotions.

Poetry has rhythm that projects emotionally charged human experience in metrical language. It provides a musical quality, which makes this form of literature so much more appealing in the everyday life. The underlying pulse in a poem can often reflect the rhythm of familiar beats, such as the ticking of a clock, the breaking of waves on the shore or the beating of a drum. The recognition of familiar rhythms, is a continuing source of curiosity and atmosphere development. In Banjo Paterson's "The Man from Snowy River", Paterson has allowed the reader to hear the galloping horses, with the constant rhythm of alternating strengths in syllables, and feel the suspense through...