Why Did The Bolsheviks Find It Necessary To Execute The Romanovs?

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Why did the Bolsheviks find it necessary to execute the Romanovs? To the Romanovs, no compromise was good enough, the Romanov dynasty wanted to continue the war and delay all reforms until the war was over. The Bolsheviks wanted absolute power over Russia. The Romanovs relentless tactics in fighting the war undid the temporary government. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, whose slogan was "All power to the soviets!", undermined the Romanov's war effort.

The government now wanted to take action against Lenin, but he went into hiding, so the Romanovs called a state conference in Moscow. The Bolsheviks were not represented and the conference was a waste. The revolt led by conservative Kornilov had failed.

By this time it was clear there were three opposing forces in the government. The conservatives, the social democrats and lenin's followers. To the conservatives the enemy was the social democrats. To the Romanovs, the conservatives portrayed a counterrevolution.

Both, however, despised Lenin and the Bolsheviks and vise versa.

The defeat of Kornilov gave Lenin the chance he was waiting for. In 1917 a revolution began in Russia. The Bolsheviks then overthrew the Romanov government. The execution of the Romanov dynasty was overcome when the Bolsheviks annihilated the government. This greedy tragic event occurred because of the Bolsheviks need to hold absolute power.