Why did the Japanese force strike America(pearl Harbor)?

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On 7:55 a.m. of December 7, 1941, in just under 2 hours, the successful surprise attack by the forces of the Japanese Empire on the Pearl Harbor took away the last breath of about 2,400 brave US Soldiers, and injured approximately 1,300 others. By making all of these damages with only 3 different waves of attacks, the Japanese fleet made this day to be remembered as the day of infamy. Many historians still argue about what were the main reasons why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The three main reasons why the Japanese force stroke America was because of the embargo that was implemented on the Japanese Empire by the Americans, Americans unreadiness on the attack, and the Japanese Empire's overwhelming desire to grow, expand, and keep its pride.

The first reason why the Japanese Empire attacked America was because of the embargoes that were placed on Japan by the U.S.

The long embargo on the Japanese began around the year 1936, 5 years before the heartbreaking event, when the Japanese Empire started to invade China and Indochina countries. This brought about much tension between the U.S. and Japan, because the Americans were allies of those countries. Americans, in order to keep the alliance between those countries, demanded that the Japanese force should depart from those countries. Japan who wanted to become a self-sufficient country did not accept American's demand and continued to attack other countries around them. This pushed the U.S. over the edge and forced them to place trade embargoes on Japan. Not only that, the Americans were successful in persuading other countries not to trade with Japan too. After Japan invaded the French Indochina, the U.S. froze Japanese assets and cut off their iron and oil supplies. When they lost the U.S. as their trading partner through...