Why Is History Important?

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History has been recorded since about 4000 BC. At this time the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia began to develop what became known as cuneiform writing. Many events, both good and bad, have happened throughout our vast history. It is important to learn the history of the world and understand it. Many lessons can be learned in the study of history. Some of these include efficient ways to live life, which early civilizations laid the foundation for. Discoveries made in the past can also be used in various applications today. Perhaps the most important lesson that we can apply in our modern life is not to commit the same mistakes that our predecessors made.

Humanity's greatest lesson that still hasn't been learned yet is respecting other cultures and religions. This intolerance of other people and their practices has caused most of the wars throughout history. The Thirty Years War, that took place between 1618 to 1648, was the last of the great European wars of religion. The war was between Protestants and Catholics. There was a power struggle between the Holy Roman Emperor and German nobles seeking to break imperial authority. Adolph Hitler committed one of the greatest atrocities when he tried to eradicate the Jews. This attempted genocide was a result of fear and hatred of one religious group. Today there are culture clashes in India and Pakistan between the Muslim and Hindu religions. Even though a culture might not like another culture, they need to learn to respect each other. Until this lesson is learned by all people, we will not be able to live with one another in peace.

The invention of the Atomic bomb is another crucial mistake that we all need to learn from. The construction of weapons of mass destruction is a major problem...