Why Japan attacked Pearl Harbour?

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On the day of 7th December 1941 was the day when Japan raided Pearl Harbor. The plan that Japan had was a good plan, which removed the battleships of the U.S.A, which were a threat towards the Japanese Empire's southward expansion.

There is a lot of reasons why Japan raided U.S.A. The first reason was because of trade and empire. By the late 1930's Japan and USA were the major industrial and trade powers in the Far east. Great Britain, France and the USSR were also powers of the Far East but they were all recovering from World War 1. Japan was trying to get stronger but couldn't do it because they had a lack of especially oil, iron and rubber.

The second reason why Japan invaded Pearl Harbor was because of Japan felt that they could defeat the Americans. The Japanese had already taken control of much of China and now invaded French Indo-China.

Germany had conquered France and almost of defeating Britain and the USSR. The Tripartite alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan gave the Japanese strong allies. However, America responded to Japan's growing confidence by freezing all its financial assets and property in America and by placing trade sanctions on several vital raw materials, including iron and oil. This showed that USA would actively try to stop Japan from increasing its empire.

The third reason why the Japanese attacked Americans was that because the Politics. America had largely followed an foreign policy after World War 1 and many of its people probably would have been happy for this to continue. After World War 2 broke out, the US President,Franklin D. Roosevelt saw that America would probably have to get more involved in foreign affairs and maybe even fight sooner or later but could not do much he...