Why read Pride and Prejudice? using one paragraph from the book.

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Perhaps this shouldn't be classed as an essay as such. It isn't intended to be read and marked by tutors.. It is more of a discussion , by which I mean the voice I would use if you were hearing me rather than reading this. It may work, It might not, but hell it wont affect my grade average.

Right do you have the book to hand? No? Well go get it, I promise it will make our conversation easier.

Now open it at random and read. Read from the beginning of the first full paragraph to the end of that paragraph.

Not a word has been wasted. There is nothing there that is not important. Don't believe me?. ...

When I opened the book at a random page I was faced with Volume 1 chapter XIX, and unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you there are only two full paragraphs to finish the chapter and I have a paragraph of only eight lines, beginning 'When at length........'

Now find the page and read with me. Right now I expect you to have read the book/seen the film/or the BBC adaptation so you know the story at least.

What happens here? A middle aged woman and her family leave a young man after inviting him to visit her family in their home and hopes one of her daughters will be married to him.

That's it then? Essay done lets go do something more interesting.

Fraid not. Now, knowing what you do remove a word.....and another.......and another, remove all the words you think may not be necessary and read it again. Let me try and second guess you here:

When at length they arose....' Is 'at length' necessary? So they got up who cares? I do It shows that...