Why Are Restrictions Placed on Advertising?

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The nature of an advertisement is so that few can escape the clutches of its message. Its quick, catchy and repetitive characteristics at the very least allow it to attract or lure the attention of the general populace. Then again, an advertisement at its very worst could directly or indirectly introduce or encourage negative behavior in its viewers. Therefore, restrictions - which can be defined as official rules which limit what can be done - are placed on advertisements in order to curtail the negative implications they could bring about. In many cases, such regulations are put in place with the intention of preventing advertisers from misleading consumers. However, it cannot be forgotten that such restrictions are also placed in order to prevent the degradation of women and to discourage materialism. Furthermore, the rationale for these restrictions could be health reasons and to prevent politicians from misusing electoral advertising.

Firstly, restrictions are put in place to prevent advertisers from misleading consumers.

This means that advertisements are restricted from containing false statements, descriptions, illustrations or claims regarding material facts or characteristics. Furthermore, there are bodies that are charged with acting as a 'controller' to ensure that the restrictions are upheld. For example, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America decides on what products can be advertised and what needs to be adhered to. Among the specific restrictions by the FDA include preventing the promotion of unapproved uses of the drug to consumers. This is to prevent drug manufacturers from deliberately misleading consumers by advertising that certain drugs could do more that they normally can. Hence, consumers are protected from accidents that could result due to side effects that have yet to be discovered. In addition, as young people and adult are particularly conscious of wanting to be thin, they might...